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ZeniMax Goes to Court to Stop the Sales of Oculus Products

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ZeniMax Goes to Court to Stop the Sales of Oculus Products

Gloves up, time for round two.

ZeniMax has filed an injunction against Oculus in order to prevent it from further using technology that includes copyrighted code. This will include any software that makes use of the code and the popular VR headset, the Oculus Rift.

The case will be in the US District Court of for Northern Texas, which is the same court that had just awarded ZeniMax $500 million when the jury had ruled that Oculus has used copyrighted material. Not only would this stop the sale of the Rift headset, but could also make it harder for developers to make games for the Oculus if the copyrighted code is a big part of the software needed.

“The jury’s damage award here, however substantial, is an insufficient incentive for Defendants to cease infringing,” ZeniMax said in court documents. “Just minutes after the jury revealed its verdict, Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, publicly stated that the jury’s verdict of a half billion dollars was ‘not material to [Facebook’s] financials.’”

If the injunction is not imposed, then ZeniMax is arguing that the court should force Oculus to pay an “ongoing royalty.” An exact amount is never stated, but they do suggest that “20 percent for at least ten years on revenues derived from products incorporating ZeniMax’s intellectual property would be appropriate.”

Oculus has already stated that they would appeal the jury’s ruling from the last court case, so there is no telling how long this new filing will take. The legal battle between these two companies goes back years ago, which you can find best summed up here.


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