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You Can Start Sharing Your Custom Overwatch Games Today

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You Can Start Sharing Your Custom Overwatch Games Today

Live, live, live!

Today, Blizzard has announced that Overwatch’s game browser has now gone live for PC and consoles alongside the 2.05 update. The browser will allow players to create their own games and open them up to friends, teammates, or all players to enjoy. The studio says to think of this best as an extension of the Custom Games.

To make a game for the Game Browser, boot up Overwatch and head to the Arcade tab, then hit “Create Game.” You’ll be given a set of customizable options under the Settings menu, which will allow you to tweak everything from map rotation to what specific characters can be included or excluded from the match. Once you’ve got your settings in order, you’ll need to set up permissions. You can have them be for friends or invite only, or just make it public and let everyone do their thing with your creation.

Clicking “Find Game” will just have you search for what other Overwatch players have made, and it doesn’t require matchmaking at all. You can use the Game Browser to filter the list by mode, map, or character, and find what game you’re looking for by just typing in the search engine.

Go ahead and make (or find) some crazy games, folks!

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