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You Can Play the “Vast Majority” of Mass Effect: Andromeda After You Beat It

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You Can Play the “Vast Majority” of Mass Effect: Andromeda After You Beat It

You’ll have plenty to do in BioWare’s latest after you finish the campaign.

In a break from series tradition, Mass Effect: Andromeda will apparently give players plenty of options for continuing to explore outer space after they beat the game.

Speaking with PC Gamer, Mass Effect: Andromeda Lead Designer Ian Frazier explained that the majority of the game will be playable after players finish the main story.

“There’s nothing that’s explicitly time-sensitive, but there are two things that are kind of in that vein,” said Frazier. “One is, there’s a handful of quests that if you finish the main story, are no longer accessible. But it’s a pretty small percentage. But the vast majority of the game, including the loyalty missions, Mass Effect 2-style, you can do even after you finish the main story. Most parts are still open.”

Continuing, he noted that developer BioWare has also made the decision to gate off certain quests and content until players complete specific portions of the campaign. Frazier explained that this is done so that players don’t feel overwhelmed by the vastness of available options.
Mass Effect: Andromeda will release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 21.


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