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Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC Trailer Gives Us a Look at the New Missions

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Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC Trailer Gives Us a Look at the New Missions

Time to hack some bad guys again.

Ubisoft has revealed a trailer for the second expansion for Watch Dogs 2, which will be available February 21 for all those on PS4 who purchased a season pass. Unfortunately, Xbox One and PC players will have to wait until March 23.

The meat of this DLC comes from three all new story missions called Bad Medicine, Automata, and Caustic Progress.

In Bad Medicine, we have Marcus investigating multiple hospitals under attack from randsomware. This mission is very topical as multiple hospitals in 2016 were plagued by this type of cyber attack. While Marcus attempts to track down those responsible, he runs into Jordi Chin from the first Watch Dogs game. Jordi Chin, for those who don’t know or don’t remember, was a hitman and known associate of original Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pierce.

Caustic Progress involves Marcus following information received by Watch Dogs 2 antagonist Lenora Kaster. She informs Marcus of a conspiracy, presumably run by a major corporation or government entity, which involves kidnapping homeless people to use as test subjects for a study involving experimental nanotechnology.

The final mission Automata involves internet company Nudle releasing highly advanced self-driving cars. Not surprisingly, DedSec finds out that each self-driving vehicle possess a direct connection to Blume’s database likely for the purpose of obtaining information on the car’s owner.

The DLC also provides players with new Elite co-op missions and a new type of enemy known as the Jammer which can prevent Marcus from hacking objects within a certain area.

With over five hours of new content, Watch Dogs 2’s Human Conditions DLC will certainly entice quite a few players to return to DedSec.

This post was originally written as Preston Lewis Jr.

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