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Valve Set to Replace Steam Greenlight with ‘Evolved’ Steam Direct System

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Valve Set to Replace Steam Greenlight with ‘Evolved’ Steam Direct System

Nothing but good news!

Steam Greenlight has been the divisive system with which developers have been able to get their games published on the Steam marketplace. It’s been running since 2012, but it looks like Valve are revamping the system very soon to address some of the criticism.

In a community blog post, Valve announced how they would be changing the system. The new service will be known as Steam Direct, and developers will be charged an as of yet undetermined fee between $200 and $5000 dollars for submission.

Valve talked about the number of products that have made over a million dollars through the system, pointing out its successes but also its shortcomings. Greenlight was positive but it showed Valve that they need to ‘Improve the entire pipeline’ in order to connect customers to the type of games they want to see on the store.

A lot of work has been done to ensure that this is possible prior to Steam Direct, as Valve revealed that their Discovery update actually increased the average time customers spent playing games.

Hopefully we’ll hear some more about the new proposed system, and that we’ll be able to experience more quality games from the developers who deserve a space on the Steam store when the update drops in the next few months.


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