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Planet Coaster Citizens Have Lost Their Minds


Planet Coaster Citizens Have Lost Their Minds

Would you wait for this ride? Probably not.

Would you wait in line behind 20,000 people for one ride? Probably not. However, one Redditor by the name of SirChick has found the perfect park rating cocktail to convince 20,000 people to cram into a small space for a chance to wait on line for one single roller coaster.

While the coaster itself does look pretty fun, it’s probably not fun enough to attract and keep that many people in SirChick’s park. Instead the player tricks the game’s park rating system in sandbox mode by placing random golden chests everywhere, a piece of scenery that apparently is irresistible to the denizens of the Planet Coaster world. Which when placed strategically (aka all over the place) leads to the following result:

Planet Coaster

via /r/PlanetCoaster

Someone save those poor people. Is that just a single pair of restrooms for everyone in the park? That janitor better rake in 100% of the park’s profits to deal with that mess. In fairness though, those chests are pretty shiny…

According to the post on Reddit, SirChick was able to cap out at around 20,000 people in the park before his/her computer just couldn’t handle it anymore. You could probably emulate a similar result in your own Planet Coaster park easily using the game’s sandbox mode. A Frontier Developments community manager has seen and posted in this thread, so at least for now it doesn’t seem like anyone over there has a problem with this. A golden chest for every park visitor then!

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