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Nioh: How to Parry


Nioh: How to Parry

How to Parry – Nioh

When starting Nioh, you may notice that you can’t just parry any attack, which can be a problem when you’re trying to get all up in an enemy’s face. Don’t worry, though, you can parry, just not right at the beginning. Parrying is actually a skill that you unlock.

It’s found under the Katana tree, and is part of the Mid-Stance branch. You’ll need to use Samurai Skill points to unlock it. There are two versions, a L1 + Square version and a L1 + Triangle version. The first one has a wider window of opportunity, but does less return damage. The latter requires more precise timing to pull off, but does a lot more damage for your efforts. There is also a bare-handed version that you can unlock as well which works in the same way.

The parry stat that you sometimes see on weapons only tells you how good it is at blocking. The better it is, the less Ki drained when an attack connects. It does not have anything to do with the above mentioned skill that you must unlock.

Now that you know how to parry, be sure to check out our wiki for more guides, tips, tricks for Nioh.

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