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Nioh: How to Get the Ninja Shinobi Armor Set


Nioh: How to Get the Ninja Shinobi Armor Set

Strike from the shadows!

Ninja Shinobi Armor Set – Nioh

If you want to dress William up as a ninja in Nioh (and let’s be real, who doesn’t?), you can do so fairly early on in the game. First off, you need to beat the game’s first mission and at least unlock the world map. From here, go to the starting point menu and select the Dojo. You’ll be able to take on the training mission in Nioh called The Way of the Ninja.

The training mission is fairly simple, and it only requires you to learn the basics of how to ready your Jutsu and prepare your shurikens and kunai. Defeating your enemies with these ninja tools will allow you to complete the mission easily. After that, end the mission and you’ll be rewarded with the Ninja Shinobi apparel. This armor set comes with a headpiece, a chest piece, and pants. You’ll have to round out the set with other gauntlets and leg armor on your own. This armor set falls under the light category and should place you under 30% of your weight ratio, giving you the fastest roll and dodge in Nioh.

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