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Nioh: How to Sell Weapons and Armor at a Blacksmith


Nioh: How to Sell Weapons and Armor at a Blacksmith

How to Sell Weapons and Armor – Nioh

Nioh will introduce your character to a ton of different armor and weapons that you can use. Most of it, though, won’t actually be equipped by you as you might have something better in your inventory. This will happen a ton, and you’ll be left looking like a hoarder in no time. However, there is hope! You can get rid of this stuff in a productive matter by visiting the Blacksmith on your map. Here’s how to sell weapons and armor to this dandy NPC.

You’re able to go to the Blacksmith in between missions and sell your weapons and armor to get some gold. Using this, you’re also able to buy from this very shop. It might not seem like you’re making a dent in your wallet when you sell, but keep in mind that the better the item you’re selling, the more gold you’ll get. After awhile, it’ll definitely become worth. What were you going to do with it, anyway, right?

Keep in mind that you could always visit a shrine and trade the item in for Amrita to level up, instead! It’s up to you which you’d prefer to amass: levels or gear.

For more help with Nioh, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides and tips.

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