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Nioh: How to Trade Weapons and Armor For Amrita


Nioh: How to Trade Weapons and Armor For Amrita

How to Trade / Offer Weapons and Armor For Amrita – Nioh

Nioh will have you hacking and slashing your way through a ton of Japanese monsters and ghouls. Besides all those creepy beings that will torment your adventure, your efforts through this demonic Japan will be full of riches! What are you going to do with all the loot you don’t need, though? Why, trade it for Amrita (EXP), of course!

Amrita is how you will level your character up. So you’re naturally going to want to collect a lot of it. If you have a bunch of weapons, armor, and items that you don’t need, why not get rid of them in a productive way? Head over to a shrine and select the option that says “Make an Offering.” This is where you’ll be able to choose which weapons, armor, or items you want to trade in for that sweet XP.

Note that this may often seem very minimal of a dent. That’s true. If what you trade is of meh quality, you’re going to get meh amrita. But every little bit helps, so it’s definitely smart not to be a hoarder for no good reason. Additionally, you could always sell your gear at a Blacksmith in between missions!

For more help with Nioh, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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