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Nioh: How to Get Amrita Easily


Nioh: How to Get Amrita Easily

How to Farm Amrita – Nioh

Amrita serves as your experience in Nioh. It works similarly to how Souls work in the Souls series of games, but it isn’t your sole currency. The primary way of amassing this resource is by defeating enemies. Every enemy will drop an amount depending on their type and level. So small, weak enemies will offer a little bit, while large, strong ones will leave a lot. However, sometimes that’s not the best way to amass a worthwhile amount and really start beefing up your warrior.

There are actually several ways to earn Amrita while playing, and using all of them is the easiest way to get large amounts:

Enemies – As we’ve already mentioned, killing enemies will get you some of these points to spend.

Offering Gear at Shrines – When you visit a shrine, one of the options is to make an offering. This allows you to exchange any unwanted weapons or pieces of armor for Amrita showing that even horrible pieces of gear still have a use.

Opening Chests – Some chests will grant you a bit of these experience points simply for opening them.

Destroying Crates – Rolling through crates and other smashable objects is always fun in these kinds of games. The fact that you have a chance to earn points that can help you level up makes it even better.

Consumable Items – Some items will instantly grant you a set amount of Amrita. It’s best to not use these until you’re ready to spend your points.

Keep in mind that if you die you will lose all of the points that you are carrying along with your spirit guardian. You’ll have one chance to reach the spot it was dropped in, and if you fail you’ll lose it all. So make sure to spend the points as you get them so you don’t waste a ton of progress.

Now that you know all the ways to farm Amrita, for more on Nioh, be sure to check out our wiki.

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