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Nioh: How to Get a Bow


Nioh: How to Get a Bow

Bow – Nioh

The bow is one of two ranged weapons you can equip in Nioh, and it’s extremely useful when picking off enemies at a distance. Bows drop randomly from enemies like all weapons and equipment in the game, but there’s a specific location you can get your first one.

In the first mission of the game, not the prologue, but first mission called “Isle of Demons,” you can find a bow. When you start the mission you’ll be dropped on a beach, and proceed a short ways through a small village. Fairly soon you’ll come upon a split path, one that leads to the left into a forest, and another that leads right up some steps and into more of the village. Take the left path and head into the forest, but be careful as there’s a few bandits wandering around. Continue following the path up and to the right and eventually you’ll see a small shack with a dead body inside.

Head over and use the circle button to interact with it, and you’ll be granted with some Amrita and, even better, a bow and some arrows. Now just make sure to head into your menu and equip it, so you can pick off a few enemies before taking on crowds. Aim for the head!

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