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Nioh: How to Increase Your Health Bar


Nioh: How to Increase Your Health Bar

How to Increase Health – Nioh

Nioh is one seriously brutal game, so you’ll find yourself taking damage and depleting your health bar quite often. In order to help yourself survive the constant challenges that will be thrown at you, you’re going to want to increase the amount of health you have at your disposal. This can be done by focusing on the Body stat when you level up at a shrine.

The Body stat increases your overall durability, lengthening your health bar and raising elemental resistance. The final perk of this stat is that it improves your damage with Spears. So if you favor that particular weapon type, this is killing two birds with one stone. Heart can also get you more hit points, though it isn’t the primary stat for this.

Make sure to spread the wealth when leveling up, though. While focusing on Body will increase your health, increasing things like Hearts and Strength will make life much easier as well. Create a warrior that can serve you well in battle.

If you need help with anything else in Nioh – such as killing bosses, figuring out how to use certain mechanics, or just general tips for the game and combat – make sure to check out our constantly growing wiki.

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