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Nintendo Switch: How to Get a Wired Internet Connection


Nintendo Switch: How to Get a Wired Internet Connection

How to Get a Wired Connection – Nintendo Switch

Getting a wired connection to the internet for your Nintendo Switch requires a bit more effort than the default wireless setting. For starters, the Switch doesn’t have an Ethernet port, meaning you’ve already hit a wall. But don’t worry, this is actually a very easy hurdle to overcome once you have the right tools.

You’ll need to purchase a LAN to USB adapter. They can be found almost anywhere that sells electronics and computer supplies. Check Best Buy, Walmart, Target, or Amazon for good prices. You can find them for as low as $10. Once you have one in your possession, plug it into any of the three USB ports on the Nintendo Switch. Now run an Ethernet cable from you router to your console and you’re all set. Since it’s a wired connection, you don’t need to go through any passwords or anything of that nature. The Nintendo Switch will automatically recognize and use the connection once you connect the cable. You’re now ready to download games and play with friends.

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