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Nintendo Switch: How to Sync Controllers


Nintendo Switch: How to Sync Controllers

Sync Controllers – Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch currently has two controller options: the Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller. In order to use them with your console, you’ll have to sync them up. There are two ways to do so for each option.


The easiest way to sync the Joy-Con controllers is to slide them into the sides of the Nintendo Switch tablet. Connecting them this way is an instant ‘pairing’ process and you’ll be ready to start playing immediately.

If you have a controller synced already and want to connect another, you can make your way to the Change Grip/Order part of the Controllers menu that is located on the console’s home screen. While in this window, locate the sync button on the Joy-Con (located between the SL and SR buttons) and press it. Wait a couple of seconds and you should be all set.

Pro Controller

The method for syncing the Pro Controller wirelessly is exactly the same as with the Joy-Cons. Simply head to the Change Grip/Order window and hit the sync button on the top of the controller so you can start using it with your Nintendo Switch.

In order to do this through a connection, you’ll need a USB-C cable in order to connect the controller to the dock or the Switch itself.

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