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Nioh: How to Get Ninja Skill Points


Nioh: How to Get Ninja Skill Points

Commit to being a ninja.

Nioh – Ninja Skill Points

Unlike the Samurai skill points in Nioh, you won’t simply acquire more Ninja skill points just by using your Ninjutsu skills. In other words, you’ll have to find other means of obtaining more skill points if you want to purchase all those nifty Ninja skills and tools to be used in battle. Thankfully, there are two pretty reliable ways of obtaining Ninja skill points if you’re having trouble in the game.

First off, skill points can be obtained by using locks of hair. These can be found all throughout the world of Nioh, and sometimes they might even be offered as rewards for completing a main mission or sub-mission. All you have to do is access your inventory and use the item to get the points. After that, you can spend the points in your skill tree menu.

Alternatively, if you really want to base your build around the Ninja tools, you can use Amrita to level up and pour your points into the Dexterity stat. Not only does this increase your Ninjutsu capacity, it also gives you a few extra skill points.

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