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Minecraft Hits a New Milestone With 122 Million Copies Sold

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Minecraft Hits a New Milestone With 122 Million Copies Sold

Building on success

Minecraft has officially sold 122 million copies and hosts 55 million unique monthly players, according to its official Twitter page.

“That means 3.8 million of you are as tall as Hugh Jackman” and “12 million of you hate cilantro” the post reads with regards to the number of copies sold. Jokes aside, it’s an incredible achievement for a franchise that hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down since its 2011 release date.

This is in part because of the number of consoles and devices Minecraft can be played on. It also appeals to a huge demographic; players can see it as a serious sandbox survival game, or more lightheartedly as a way of expressing creativity. The latter has increased in popularity hugely due to a community of players building anything from the ‘Game of Thrones’ introduction to a fully working Pokemon game.

The last time an official figure was released for Minecraft was June 2016, when the numbers were 100 million sold and 40 million players.

The franchise has continued to grow under Microsoft, after a $2.5 billion acquisition from creator Mojang, with a telltale series made and a film in the works.

Minecraft certainly is a special game, and it will be fascinating to see just how much further it can go.

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This post was originally authored by Christopher Carr.

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