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Madden Bowl Winner Fined $3,000 for “Inappropriate Tweets”


Madden Bowl Winner Fined $3,000 for “Inappropriate Tweets”

And docked 100 Madden NFL Championship Series Points.

Chris “Dubby” McFarland defeated Eric “Problem” Wright to win the 2017 Madden Bowl – winning $75,000 in prize money. McFarland has since been docked $3,000 and had 100 Madden NFL Championship Series Points erased from his record for posting “offensive messages” after the tournament on his personal Twitter feed.

When McFarland was rising through the eight-player bracket, people began looking through some of his older tweets. It was found that McFarland had used racial slurs on Twitter in the past. At this point EA met with McFarland and told him that this behavior “could not continue.”

In a statement posted on the Madden Ultimate Team Twitter account, Matt Marcou, the Madden Competitive Gaming Commissioner, said: “These posts violated our Code of Conduct and don’t represent the values of our organization.”

However, after the tournament, McFarland then posted “additional offensive messages,” and it was the days immediately following the tournament in which EA took action against McFarland. On the punishment, Marcou said: “It’s important that we clearly set conduct boundaries to guide our competitors and ensure that promotional and financial opportunities for all parties continue to grow.” He also then added that the $3,000 docked from McFarland’s winnings would be invested in “programs to help our players prepare for the exposure that comes with being a top-level gaming competitor.”

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