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Nioh: How Long it Is and How Many Missions There Are


Nioh: How Long it Is and How Many Missions There Are

How Long / Missions – Nioh

With the brutal world of Nioh being released upon us, this massive action/RPG is more than capable of eating up hours of your life. If you are looking to dive into this title, be prepared for a hefty amount of missions – both required and optional – if you are looking to complete this title. The average playthrough should take anyone between 60 to 80 hours long depending on your skill level and how much of the world you want to explore. Many of Nioh’s missions are like massive labyrinths, so there are always secret areas, items, and enemies to discover during your journey. The main missions in Nioh are as follow:

  1. The Man and the Guardian Spirit
  2. Isle of Demons
  3. Deep in the Shadows
  4. The Spirit Stone Slumbers
  5. The Silver Mine Writhes
  6. The Ocean Roars Again
  7. Spider Nest Castle
  8. Falling Snow
  9. The Demon of Mount Hiei
  10. The Iga Escape
  11. Memories of Death-Lillies
  12. The Defiled Castle
  13. Immortal Flame
  14. Sekigahara
  15. The Source of Evil
  16. A Defiled Holy Mountain
  17. The Samurai From Sawayama
  18. The Demon King Revealed
  19. The Queen’s Eyes
  20. Epilogue

Along with this are a plethora of Side, Master, and Twilight Missions to complete which can easily extend your play time. Remember, Nioh is a very difficult game so it may take a few extra hours to get your bearings, even if you’re a veteran of the Dark Souls series. However, we recommend taking as much time as possible since some of the coolest items are hidden away from the main path. The road to glory is a long, painful, and bloody one, but a journey worth taking regardless.

For more guides, tips, and walkthroughs make sure to visit our growing Nioh wiki.

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