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Horizon Zero Dawn’s Latest Trailer Reminds Us that “Earth is Ours No More”

horizon zero dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Latest Trailer Reminds Us that “Earth is Ours No More”

Epicness ensues.

Horizon Zero Dawn has received yet another exciting trailer ahead of its official release, and Guerilla Games continues to deliver the epicness with every bit of footage it shows off. The trailer is brief, clocking in at only a minute, but gives us another good look at the game’s world and female protagonist Aloy. You can check out the new trailer down below.

As the title suggests, Earth no longer belongs to mankind and humanity in this game’s world. Horizon is set in a post-apocalyptic future where humans are reduced to tribes, but instead of hunting wild animals, we’re being terrorized by mechanized robot dinosaurs and other sorts of animals. Presumably, the story will have us explore the history of mankind and find out exactly what went wrong and how Aloy has come to live in a future like this one.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to be released exclusively for the PS4 on February 28. Our review of the game will be going live next week as well.

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