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For Honor: Which Is Best, Samurai, Viking, or Knight?


For Honor: Which Is Best, Samurai, Viking, or Knight?

Among the different warrior factions (or classes, whatever you want to call them) in For Honor, you’ll have your pick of the different ones to go out on the battlefield and kick butt with. If you’re unsure of which faction to pick in For Honor then you’ll want to make sure to know which army is right for you. Here’s a breakdown of all three, and you’ll be able to choose which faction is the best one for you: Samurai, Viking, and Knight. We’ll start with the Samurai and its role in the game.

Which Warrior Faction Is Best in For Honor?


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If you are looking to dive into For Honor, it won’t be long until the game is asking you which of the three warring factions you want to pick a side with. This will actually have a rather noticeable change based on if you play Faction Wars or not. Since players from around the world will be competing for global dominance whatever side you pick will be the units you have to use for this game mode alone. Thankfully, if you decide to just use Quickplay, players can pick any hero, from any faction regardless of their starting choice.

For those looking to go the way of the Samurai, you will need to understand what differentiates them from others. One of the most noticeable differences between this group and the others is the range their weapons offer players. Characters like the Kensei have massive blades that can both keep enemies at a good distance and perform strong melee attacks on enemies. Others like the Orochi can utilize a bow and arrow to pick off targets from a distance.

While they may not be the heaviest of hitters, being able to zone your opponents via your weapon’s length is very important.

Samurais thrive on hit and run tactics in the game along with poking enemies so they cannot retaliate without you being able to dodge. Nobushi is a perfect example of this as she can not only apply bleed effects to enemies but has a plethora of self-healing and sprint based skills. This allows her to get in and out of fights quickly while other, slower opponents such as the Lawbringer are unable to keep up.

If you want versatility and speed then consider joining the Samurai in the game, just be warned that they don’t have a ton of armor.

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