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For Honor: How to Play the Conqueror


For Honor: How to Play the Conqueror

Conqueror – For Honor

The Conqueror is one of twelve character classes that can be played in For Honor, and falls under the Knights faction. It’s a character almost entirely focused on defense, that can take on and distract multiple enemy players at once. The best use for this hero, obviously, is for team-based modes, although dueling can also be done on the defensive.

The Conqueror is a medium difficulty hero to play in For Honor, so it’s going to take a little bit of practice to learn how to play it. Once you know the ins and outs however, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. We’ll take a look at the strengths of the Conqueror, along with some tips on how to play the character.


Conqueror – Heavy – Strong Defense, Hard Hitter

Strengths – High defense, slow attack speed, can hit hard with charged moves, tons of moves that can stagger, harass, and interrupt enemy attacks.

Weaknesses – Short range, low damage with regular attacks, slow movement speed.


Hero Specific Perks

  • Renown: Earn more Renown by assisting or saving Heroes, and defending objectives.
  • Revenge Mode: Boosts damage and health. All attacks are uninterruptible. Parry and throws knock enemies down. Attacks are auto-parried.
  • Charged Attacks: The attack has 2 charging levels. Each charge level deals more damage.
  • Charge Attack Limits: You can’t charge if you run out of Stamina. Cancel a charge by pressing circle.

Moves (From Guard Mode, L2 or LT)

  • Charging Heavy Attack – Hold R2 (RT on Xbox)
  • Conscript’s Attrition – R1 (RB on Xbox)
  • Final Argument – R1, R1, R2 (RB, RB, RT on Xbox)
  • Reaper’s Crush – R2, R2 (RT, RT on Xbox)
  • Full Block Stance – Down on right stick
  • Charging Shield Crush – L3+Square (L3+X on Xbox)
  • Shield Bash – Left stick+X, Square (Left stick+A, X on Xbox)


When playing the Conqueror your focus should be almost entirely on defense, as that’s what the character excels at. One particularly useful move is the Full Block Stance, which when activated lets you block attacks from all directions automatically, except unblockable attacks of course. The stance will stay in effect until your stamina depletes, meaning this is a good way to shore yourself up if you’re facing multiple foes at once. It can be especially helpful when playing game modes like Dominion, allowing you to hold a capture point entirely on your own while waiting for allies to come help.

On top of this, the Conqueror’s zone attack is especially helpful, lashing out in two wide arcs repeatedly. This can also keep a group of enemies at bay. The strong guard of this character also means that blocking and parrying will stun enemies for a second, giving you chance.Your block will also break a combo chain when successfully used. In terms of attack power, the Conquer also has a few options.

First off, when sprinting into battle, hit the Guard Break button, as this will cause the Conqueror to charge forward with their shield and knock the enemy to the ground. The Shield Bash also works exceptionally well at throwing enemies off balance and opening up a window. Keep in mind that you can also charge heavy attacks for extra damage, so finding an open window to unleash a huge attack can be downright deadly. Just be aware that charging continuously drains stamina, and if used incorrectly can totally leave you open.

Finally, a good way to trick enemies is by starting an infinite combo while there’s some distance between you with the light attack button, and then when the enemy draws near launch into a heavy attack immediately. You can catch your opponent unaware with this move.

Equipment for the Conqueror should definitely focus on boosting defensive power and stamina. Alternatively, because the character already has high defense, you could try boosting attack power.


  • Speed Revive or Body Count – Speed revive can be useful for team matches, allowing you to get your team up and back in the battle faster. Body count also restore health and stamina by killing enemy soldiers, something that could be useful in a pinch.
  • Juggernaut – This Feat really leans into the defensive angle, by slowing you down and boosting your damage reduction.
  • Heal on Block – Combine this with Juggernaut and you have a great defense. This Feat makes it so that blocking regenerates your health.
  • Uninterruptible – For a short time your attacks and actions become uninterruptable, letting you attack enemies without fear of being stunned.

For more help, tips, and guides on For Honor, make sure to take a look at our ever-expanding wiki.

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