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For Honor: How to Get Different Gear Rarity Drops


For Honor: How to Get Different Gear Rarity Drops

Get Rare Drops in For Honor

As you progress through For Honor’s multiplayer you will notice that your hero is ranking up over time and receiving new loot. Most of the time, this gear only offers minor stat changes and alterations, however, what you are seeing is the lowest level gear available in the game. There are three different rarity levels associated with loot in For Honor and you won’t start seeing higher level equipment until you fully level up a character and then advance in Reputation.

Once you reach level 1 Reputation you have a chance to get rare level gear that is colored blue. Your chance is small, however, at Reputation 1, but over time this will increase as you rise in the ranks. While we haven’t reached this ourselves, there are multiple reports of players getting to Reputation 3 and getting purple colored legendary gear. This is the highest rated loot you can acquire and the top rarity outside of buying the Mythic Outfits.

To raise your reputation in For Honor, you’ll need to max a specific character out to Level 20 and then reset him/her. This will net you a Reputation point in For Honor, however, you will not lose any of your Feats. Think of this as a prestige system, only you will acquire better gear as you go along instead of just a fancy symbol. These resets are only for specific heroes, so don’t fret if others are still under leveled when you upgrade your character. Gaining rare gear will take some time, so if you really need better items just focus on one character for now.

Soon enough you will be walking tall with some fancy new items to show off on the battlefield. That’s all you need to do to get different gear rarity drops in For Honor.

For more tips, guides, and walkthroughs make sure to visit out every growing For Honor wiki.

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