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For Honor: All Game Modes


For Honor: All Game Modes

Game Modes – For Honor

Ubisoft’s, For Honor, is out now and features five different modes, each being well-known game modes that have been given a twist. The five modes are:

  • Dominion – A 4v4 objective-based game mode that requires players to control a majority of a map’s zones to earn points. It is very similar to modes like Domination in AAA shooters like Call of Duty and rewards communication and team work. On all maps, three objectives (two control zones and a front) will be available to control. Unlike traditional control zones, the front is packed with a crowd of AI-controlled soldiers, but they do not pose a challenge. Points will be earned for for your team by controlling these zones, with one team winning once one thousand points have been accumulated and the enemy team is defeated.
  • Skirmish – This mode is essentially a standard team deathmatch, with teams being made up of four players. Unlike elimination, respawns are enabled and AI-controlled soldiers litter the map, focusing the action on fighting rather than objective play.
  • Elimination – This mode takes place in five separate rounds and is a 4v4 deathmatch with a twist. Provided with only one life per round, you must do everything you can to stay alive. To win a round you have to eliminate the opposing team but everyone can be revived by teammates. The winning team is declared after three out of five rounds have been won.
  • Brawl – It is essentially a 2v2 version of elimination. With no respawns, your team must eliminate the enemy team in order to win. Split into five rounds, you have to achieve three wins before taking home a victory.
  • Duel – This is one of the more novel modes in For Honor as it focuses on 1v1 duels. Duel requires players to eliminate their opponent in five rounds. It is a true test of skill and is a great way to get comfortable with For Honor’s combat systems.

Which game mode is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. For more For Honor tips see our wiki guide.

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