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Watch an Xbox One Controller be Modded for Muscular Dystrophy


Watch an Xbox One Controller be Modded for Muscular Dystrophy

This is so sweet.

Modern console controllers are designed with two main ideas in mind: efficiency and comfort for those using them. That works out great for the majority of folks with two perfectly working hands, but what about the thousands of eager game fans who don’t?

That’s where Caleb Kraft comes in. Kraft has been helping those with muscular dystrophy and other disabilities by modding their controllers for them for as long as three years. The video above walks through his most recent project, an Xbox One controller with mods to make clicking the thumbsticks and pulling the triggers easier.

The two blue buttons on the face of the controller control L3 and R3 and are much easier to press than the sticks, while the attachments on the triggers are designed to be operated by the user’s thumbs, instead of their index fingers. Kraft offers several different types of simple 3D printed modifications depending on the person’s specific needs, which can even range to external boxes wired to the controller that can be operated by your foot.

Kraft says that he offers these modifications for no charge, and his Youtube channel has several other videos of installing controller mods for muscular dystrophy.


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