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Resident Evil 7: How to Get Out of the House


Resident Evil 7: How to Get Out of the House

How to Get Out of the House – Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is going to send you on a wild adventure around the Baker estate. However, first, you’ll need to get out of the house. After playing through what was, for the most part, the Opening Hour demo, you’ll wake up at the dinner table with the Baker family.

From here, you’re going to need to head down the corridor past the kitchen. Jack will appear at the end and start making his way towards you. Make your way through the dining room and into the adjoining living room.

Here, use the couch to get some space between yourself and ol’ Jack. As he comes around one way, sprint around the other and back to the corridor. He’ll smash right through the wall in front of you. Evade Jack again, but continue down this corridor once again to get the Hatch Key. Now, make your way back to the kitchen and into the room he just broke open. There’s a hatch here that you can use the key on.

You’ll now be in the Laundry Room, which also acts as a save point. Raid the room for supplies and prepare to head back out, this time using the door that will lead your right back onto the corridor.

Run to the end of the hall right in front of you, and then make your way all the way back to the window at the other end of the corridor near the sign that says ‘Garage’. You should now see a Deputy stood there who will provide you with a knife.

Follow the sign to the garage and cut the tape on the box to gain entrance. Use the steps in our guide for the garage boss battle to stay out of harm’s way, and then head up the ladder and inspect the photo frame. Interact with the back of it to get an ‘Ox Statuette’.

Make your way out of the garage and head toward the far end of the hallway. Here, you should find some large doors which you can use the Ox Statuette on. You’re now in the main hall, and almost out of the house.

From here, you’re going to need to embark on a quest to find three dog heads in this next area of the house. Don’t worry, though, simply follow our guide for finding all three and you’ll find your way out of the house in no time at all. There are some bosses and puzzles awaiting you on your quest for the heads, but we cover it all in the guide above.

Now that you know how to get out of the house, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and guides for Resident Evil 7.

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