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Resident Evil 7: How to Beat the Garage Boss Fight


Resident Evil 7: How to Beat the Garage Boss Fight

Garage – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Your first real boss encounter in Resident Evil 7 will take place in the garage of the Baker residence against none other than the imposing father, Jack. He’s incredibly strong, but not incredibly fast, which is what you’ll need to take advantage of during the battle.

The fight begins after obtaining your very first weapon in the first real part of the game (the segment in the Guest House is the Prologue). Once the officer hands you his knife (even though you clearly asked for a firearm), he’ll have you meet him in the garage which you can now access by removing the tape on that electrical box by the gate and pressing the button. Upon entering, you’ll see the garage door behind him close and suddenly a shovel will go right through the upper portion of his skull. Once this happens, run behind the gruesome act of him being murdered and pick up his firearm (your first gun, huzzah!) then run to your right to the workbench. There will be a set of car keys sitting here, pick them up and run.

Jack will slowly pursue you, so lead him around to the passenger’s side of the car, but don’t waste any ammo on him unless he’s really close and you need to stun him. The reason you shouldn’t shoot him is because he can’t be killed with your weapons during this particular fight. What you’ll instead need to do is run around to the driver’s side once you get him to about the middle of the other side and enter the car.

It turns out you can drive in this game… but only for this fight. Once in the car, place the key in the ignition then start to ram Jack. R2/RT is acceleration, L2/LT is reverse, and you steer with the left thumbstick. Just ram into him a few times, making sure to constantly move the car so you don’t get ripped out of it. After a while he’ll climb in with you and force you to crash into these steel support beams, crushing his own skull.

Get out of the car and head towards the ladder to the back of the garage. Before you reach it, a burning jack will grab you, but don’t worry, you won’t die. The car will explode, dropping Jack yet again. Now run towards the ladder.

When you actually grab the ladder, Jack will assault you one more time. This time he’ll shoot himself in the head in order to show you something special. But you won’t see that until later on in the game.

Climb up out of the garage and make sure to grab the shotgun ammo to your left (even though you don’t have the gun yet), as well as the puzzle piece on the shelf to your left. It’s a golden plate of a centurion’s body, which is needed to advance to the main hall, where it’s time to really get into the game. Goodbye, garage. You will not be missed.

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