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Resident Evil 7: All Three Dog Head Puzzle Locations


Resident Evil 7: All Three Dog Head Puzzle Locations

Three Dog Head Locations – Resident Evil 7

When you start exploring the main house of the Baker estate, you’ll be tasked with finding three dog heads to open the door to the outside. Don’t worry, they’re not actual dog heads, just metallic puzzle pieces. The three different pieces are scattered around the house, and you’ll need to do a bit of backtracking in order to get them all. Here’s where they all are.

First, head over to the clock in the main room with the Cerberus door, and interact with it. You’ll now have the clock pendant in your inventory. Exit back out of here and head back to the kitchen where you woke up to the gruesome dinner. Head through here and into the living room behind it to find another clock. Simply interact with the clock and use the clock pendant on this. The pendant will then move up into the clock and will be replaced with one of the dog heads.

For the second dog head, you’ll need to make your way upstairs and take the door to the left with the old grandma next to it. Don’t worry, she won’t attack you. Take the left route and then go into the first room you can on your right. You’ll find yourself in an entertainment room of sorts. Look over to the left-hand side of the room and you’ll find a book you can interact with. Examine the item and look at the book from a side view so you can see the pages and press X (or A) to open the book. You’ll find another dog head sitting inside here.

Before you head back downstairs, go further down the hallway until you find a bathroom. The bath has a ton of black goo in it. Interact with the bath to drain this all out and pick up the weird puzzle piece. Father Jack may appear now, so you’ll need to dodge him and run for your life. Make your way back to the main room and with a bit of luck, you’ll have outrun your pursuer. Head down to the shadow puzzle in the corner of the room, and use your newfound object to interact with it. Line it up and head through the tight gap.

Head through the room on the left and keep following the only way through the house here. Take down the enemy and in the safe room, you’ll find a note saying one of the dog heads is in the dissection room downstairs. Head down the stairs and follow the path around. Remember to watch out for Molders as these Resident Evil 7 enemies can really soak up your ammo and overwhelm you if you’re not prepared. Search for a white door which will take you a room with a bunch of body draws on the left wall. Pull the door on the far right end with no name on and then the one with the red hand print to open the one named Travis. Grab the incineration room key and head on through.

The next room has a few Molders in it, so aim for the head and take your time lining up shots to save your ammo. Head through the next door, grab the supplies and make your way through the big brown doors. Make your way up the stairs to the right and walk all the way around. You’ll find the red dog head attached to a chain hovering over a weird arena. You can see where this is going. Check out our guide for the butcher room boss battle for tips on how to take down Father Jack.

After the battle, make your way back to the main room and insert the heads into the door. You’re finally free from the house. For more tips, tricks, and information on Resident Evil 7, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki guide.

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