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Resident Evil 7: How to Beat Jack Baker (Butcher Room Boss Fight)


Resident Evil 7: How to Beat Jack Baker (Butcher Room Boss Fight)

Butcher Room Fight – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The second boss fight in Resident Evil 7 pits players against everyone’s favorite father, Jack Baker. This fight is a bit tougher than the one in the garage as you’ll have to actually face this powerful foe in the butcher room. You’ll notice deer carcasses hanging around you, as it’s in an aforementioned butcher room. These will help out with keeping him off balance as you hit him with your own assault.

The space is small as he swings his weapon around, so make sure to make use of those deer by standing behind them and pressing X/A to push them. While he’s stumbled, use your Pistol or your Knife to keep hitting him in the head. This will cause a large monster face to appear on his shoulder. You should have the Shotgun by now, so when this happens, switch over really fast and hit him with that (it will make the fight go much faster if you save your more powerful ammo just for that face).

Halfway through the fight, Jack will rip open a gate, obtaining a large pair of mechanical scissors to try and cut you in half. These do a lot of damage, so avoid them. Don’t waste any ammo at this point. Instead, run around and wait until you can access that same area he just tore open. You’ll find a chainsaw in there to help you finish the fight. The chainsaw can actually block most damage, and if you attack Jack at the same time as he attacks you, it will stagger both of you and keep you alive. It does a sizable amount of damage, and can even be used on that creepy face that pops up.

Do note that you will have to rev up the weapon from time to time, which is done with a simple press of Square/X. Just make sure that Jack isn’t around when you do so.

At the end of the fight, he will creep up on you, but you’ll automatically cut him in half, watching his legs give out as an ooze of blood and goo spills out from him. Climb up out of that cage and get up out of there.

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