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Resident Evil 7: Does it Have Multiplayer?


Resident Evil 7: Does it Have Multiplayer?

Womp womp.

Resident Evil 7 – Multiplayer

The past few entries in the Resident Evil series have always offered up some sort of multiplayer mode for those who want to enjoy the game with their friends. RE5, 6, and the Revelations spin-offs allowed players to go through the game in co-op mode by teaming up with a partner. There was also an online multiplayer Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 6, where two players could group up online or locally to take down hordes of zombies within a set time limit to score points and unlock costumes.

Unfortunately, this new entry into the series doesn’t offer any of that. And no, there’s not even a single-player Raid mode either. Instead, after you beat Resident Evil 7’s main campaign for the first time, you’ll unlock Madhouse difficulty. This is essentially a new game mode where you go through the campaign with no checkpoints, fewer resources, and different enemy and item placements. It’s a much tougher version of the campaign, and it’s reserved only for the most diehard fans. If you pre-ordered the game, however, you can jump into this grueling difficulty immediately.

As far as multiplayer goes, we’re afraid you’re out of luck with this entry.

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