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People Really Hate PlayStation’s Newest Game Trailer


People Really Hate PlayStation’s Newest Game Trailer

We are just as confused as you.

With 2017 in full swing, developers and publishers are beginning to show off their newest products via beautifully rendered trailers and gameplay. Earlier today, a trailer for Life of Black Tigers appeared on the official PlayStation YouTube account and attempted to do just that.

The footage showcases a player-controlled tiger doing battle with a variety of animals ranging from wolves to alligators. While the description below the video describes the title as a “vivid and realistic experience,” the comment section was not having it. At the time of writing, this Life of Black Tiger’s video is sitting at 500 likes to 2,198 dislikes.

Many posters assumed this was a joke of some kind, while others poked fun of its PS2-like appearance and gameplay. “You’ve sold me, I’m cancelling my Resident Evil 7 order,” said Hoken, while Johnauditore boasted it will “put The Witcher 3 to shame!” Some users noted that the trailer possibly used the original sound track from the Parasyte anime series, and others say it “must be played on the Ps4 Pro.”

We also happened to come across a mobile game of the same name with a remarkably similar trailer. It also appears that this title is now available to play right now, as Life of Black Tiger was included in a blog post about this week’s new titles alongside Hatsune Miku: Project Dive Future Tones, Spheroids, and Asdivine Hearts.

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