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CNN Uses a Fallout 4 Computer Terminal In Report on Russian Hacking


CNN Uses a Fallout 4 Computer Terminal In Report on Russian Hacking

Cracked code.

The Fallout series is best known for its charming 1950s aesthetic, post-apocalyptic open world, and diverse combat mechanics, however one of the more innocuous aspects is hacking. However, it turns out that CNN used a screenshot of this mini-game during a video segment about Russian hacking.

First spotted by Redditor Poofylicious, apparently the news network superimposed and angled a screen from a Fallout 4 terminal hacking section.

Fallout 4, CNN

Just from looking at the two it’s clear that they are the same image as they not only share the “NGIER” text section, but also the variety of symbols are letters scattered throughout. Whether it will be taken down by CNN or not is yet to be seen, but it’s quite amusing regardless. If you want to see the actual screen, jump to the one-minute mark in the video at the top of the article.

However, this isn’t the first time that a network has utilized a video game’s image indirectly as Fox News used the Bioshock Infinite logo when discussing immigration. Creative director Ken Levine replied to the incident referring to it as “irony” for Fox & Friends choice of logo.

There has been no official response from either Bethesda or Fallout 4’s lead Tod Howard on the incident.

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