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Super Mario Run: How to Get Yoshi as a Playable Character


Super Mario Run: How to Get Yoshi as a Playable Character

How to Unlock and Play as Yoshi – Super Mario Run

While running through all of the different levels in Super Mario Run is as fun as the famous plumber, it’s always nice to be able to switch things up a bit. Luckily, Super Mario Run has Yoshi and a bunch of other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom available for you to unlock and play as. If you’re looking to play the little green dragon, here’s how to unlock Yoshi as a playable character.

To get Yoshi, you’re going to need to build him a house. To do this, bring up the screen with your Mushroom Kingdom on it and select the Build option in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. From here, tap the Shop icon, and then the Star. On the third row, you should see an egg-shaped house with Yoshi stood outside it. You’ll need to build this in order to play as this character. To purchase the building, you need 30 red Toads and 30 yellow Toads in your kingdom. Once you have these, simply place the house down and then receive Yoshi as a playable character from the giant present icon in your kingdom.

To use Yoshi as a character for a level, choose your level that you want to play and just before pressing Start, tap on the Mario to the right. You can now select the adorable dino from the character select screen.

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