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Super Mario Run: How to Get Luigi as a Playable Character


Super Mario Run: How to Get Luigi as a Playable Character

How to unlock and play as Luigi – Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run comes with a number of unlockable characters to play as, including Mario’s taller brother Luigi. You won’t have access to Luigi at the start, though. As with other playable characters, he needs to be unlocked through a specific requirement, so here’s exactly how to get Luigi.

In order to get Luigi, you’ll need to build his house out of the “special” category under buildings. To do this, however, you’re going to need to obtain 150 green and purple Toads from Toad Rally. Certain colors of Toads will only unlock for Toad Rally as you play through more of the World Tour section of the game. You’ll need to play further before you have the chance to get green and purple Toads.

The other unlockable characters in the game are Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette. None are too difficult to unlock, and if you need any help, check out one of our character guides below.

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