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PlayStation Plus’ Free January Games Announced

playstation plus

PlayStation Plus’ Free January Games Announced

Free games!

December is coming to a close and, although it means the holidays are almost over, a new month means a new batch of games for PlayStation Plus subscribers to download and play for free on their various devices.

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Sony has revealed the new titles we’ll get to play come January. After a somewhat underwhelming choice of games for December, Sony is really starting off 2017 with some top tier games. These are:

  • Day of The Tentacle Remastered, PS4 (Cross buy on PS Vita)
  • This War of Mine: The Little Ones, PS4
  • Blazerush, PS3
  • The Swindle, PS3 (Cross Buy on PS4 and PS Vita)
  • Azkend 2, PS Vita
  • Titan Souls, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)

Day of the Tentacle, This War of Mine, and Titan Souls have each been very well received by gamers since their release and are definitely worth checking out.

Are you pleased with PlayStation’s offering for January?


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