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Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Holiday Event Has Arrived


Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland Holiday Event Has Arrived

Earn those loot boxes while you can!

Today marks the start of Overwatch’s third and final seasonal event of the year, Winter Wonderland. The holiday-themed goodies will be dropping non-stop until Jan. 2, or almost three weeks.

Winter Wonderland adds over 100 new cosmetic items to the game, including a Santa Claus outfit for Mei/Torbjorn and a particularly grumpy-looking Scrooge skin for McCree. Blizzard has also set off a holiday decoration bomb in Hanamura and King’s Row, and the results look pretty beautiful.

The other biggest addition is a brand new holiday-themed brawl: Mei’s Snowball Offensive. In this mode, two teams of six take the field playing as Mei. The twist is that Mei’s icicle blaster as been replaced by a single-shot snowball blaster. One shot and you’re out. Run out of ammo? Search for a nearby snow pile to reload. Players can create ice walls and freeze opponents, but Mei’s ultimate ability has been replaced by a rapid-fire snowball blaster that should provide a big advantage.

Like past seasonal events, the Winter Loot Boxes will be purchasable only until Jan. 2, but some of the winter cosmetics can be purchased independently as well. So grab them while you can!


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