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New Sea of Thieves Gameplay Video Shows the Technical Alpha in Action


New Sea of Thieves Gameplay Video Shows the Technical Alpha in Action

Prepare for a chaotic good time.

Rare has just released a new gameplay video showcasing the competitive treasure hunting in the Technical Alpha for Sea of Thieves coming next week.

Most notably, the video sheds some light on what will be the basic gameplay loop for Sea of Thieves, at least in the mode shown here. A big part of the gameplay will be navigation, in which each team of pirates will have to coordinate between their treasure map and their navigational map on the ship to find the island they’re looking for. Once found, the crew will then have to find the big red “X” that marks the spot, though it doesn’t show up in the game world, so it’ll take some real detective work.

All the while, though, you’ll have to be worrying about other crews that might be after the same treasure or just looking to sneak aboard your vessel to jack the loot. Compared to another popular example of crew-oriented combat games like this, Sea of Thieves seems unique in that you can actually board enemy ships and partake in sword and gun combat while continuing a bombardment of cannons.

Earlier today, Rare announced the Technical Alpha for the game that will kick off next week, as well as how to sign up yourself.


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