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Last Night, Kojima Finally Said Those Three Little Words to Geoff


Last Night, Kojima Finally Said Those Three Little Words to Geoff

I hope each one has a piece of a heart necklace that says “Best Friends” when put together.

The Game Awards came and went, and with it were a lot of iconic moments for the industry. There was so much joy and celebration throughout the night as awards validated the hard work that developers pour into the games they make. However, there was no one filled with more glee than Geoff Keighley when he presented Hideo Kojima with the award for Industry Icon.

He finally was able to give Hideo this incredible award that he had worked so hard to make. Day and night, slaving away in his garage (because no company would have gotten this one just right), Geoff wanted this to be perfect. And it was. Because in Kojima’s acceptance speech, he gave Geoff the validation he needed. Kojima told him that he loved him.



It was magical, honestly. There was so much emotion in that very moment, and luckily for all of us watching at home, the cameras cut to Keighley. His reaction was that of someone that is trying extra hard not to absolutely lose their shit.



“What, me? Ha-ha, oh, no, ha-ha. <He said it. Oh my God, he finally said it. This is really happening, Geoff.>”

May this OTP go strong for many years to come. Congratulations to Kojima on the award, and to Geoff Keighley for the new best friendship pact.

In case you missed the show, check out all of our official The Game Awards coverage over here!

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