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Destiny The Dawning: How to Get a Lantern in the Tower


Destiny The Dawning: How to Get a Lantern in the Tower

Lantern – Destiny: The Dawning

Destiny has received a lot of neat little features as part of its holiday event, The Dawning. There’s a new scoring system to Strikes. SRL has returned, there are new exotics and plenty of new gear. But there are also some sweet little items that you can nab during the event, one of which is a glowing Lantern.

If you head to the Tower and look up, you’ll notice a bunch of glowing lights. These are Lanterns that someone has released into the air. It turns out that you can release one, too, if you get your hands on one that is. Head up the stairs to the left when you first spawn into the Tower (by Eververse). If you head up and make your way to the back, you will sometimes see a lantern floating so low that you can touch it. If you don’t see one, turn away and turn back, as this simple action sometimes makes one appear. Once a lantern is nearby, walk up to it and hold Square/X to interact. This will let you hold the Lantern.

Now that you have one, you can run around and show it off as you like. You’ll move much like you do when holding an Orb during a mission. If you decide to release it, simply press Triangle/Y to watch it float straight up into the air and join the other Lanterns. If you keep hold of it for too long, it will simply disappear.

We’re not sure if they serve any special purpose, but we haven’t noticed anything other than them being a neat little feature during Destiny: The Dawning.

Happy holidays and safe travels, Guardians.

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