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Destiny: The Dawning – All New Armor


Destiny: The Dawning – All New Armor

New The Dawning Helms


With Destiny: The Dawning released upon the world, players are able to now collect the plethora of new armor sets that range from the flashy to the downright crude. Each one can be obtained through various means such as Treasure of the Dawning, Weekly Strike Bounties, or through drops. Here is every Destiny armor piece you can obtain in this new content drop, so get out there and start collecting, but first, a rundown of how to get each set:

Sparrow Racing League Sets: There are currently two SRL sets available in The Dawning, with one of them tied to ranking up your SRL rank and the other earned at the end of matches. Where these sets differ from normal armor is that most sections can be worn by any class, with the exception of the class items and helms.

Winter Themed Set: By far the most ornate set to release with Destiny: The Dawning, this set of six armor pieces can only be obtained via Treasures of the Lost. Each class has a unique design and they appear tied to this new holiday event, so it’s unknown if they’ll be unavailable after it ends. Obtaining them is entirely based on RNG, so you’ll have to hope your lucky stars align.

Alternative The Dawning Set: Acting as the second set that’s only acquirable via the Treasures of the Dawning, this 5 piece set is far more realistic. While it lacks a class item, these unique armor pieces are once again tied to the new loot boxes and thus based upon luck. However, players have a far higher chance of obtaining these items than the Winter Themed ones.

Strike Scoring Set: Players may never see this set unless they plan to focus on grinding out the new Weekly Strike Bounties offered by Zavala at The Tower. Completing these bounties and turning them in will nab you some new gear to wear around when exploring.

Sparrow Racing League Set 1 (SRL or Amanda Holiday)

  • Overtaker Helm – Hunter
  • Threader Helm – Warlock
  • Finisher Helm – Titan

Sparrow Racing League Set 2 (SRL or SRL Bounties Only)

  • Circuit Defender – Hunter
  • Circuit Runner – Warlock
  • Circuit Keeper – Titan

Winter Themed (Treasures of the Lost Only)

  • Snow Angel Horns – Hunter
  • Crytalline Rays – Warlock
  • Lantern Horns – Titan

The Dawning Set (Treasures of the Lost Only)

  • Scarlight Mask – Hunter
  • Rimed Hood – Warlock
  • Helm of Lamination – Titan

Strike Scoring Set (Elite Weekly Bounty Only)

  • Exultation Mask – Hunter
  • Veil of the Dying Star – Warlock
  • Snowglare Helm – Titan

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