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Destiny: How To Get Treasures of The Dawning and What’s Inside


Destiny: How To Get Treasures of The Dawning and What’s Inside

Treasures of the Dawning – Destiny: The Dawning

One of the new consumables introduced with Destiny: The Dawning are special loot boxes called Treasures of The Dawning. These contain a variety of items, including emotes, skins, Sparrows, and new armor. These items can be earned both in and out of PvE content, however, you are limited to one treasure box per account. This means that even if you have three characters, you can only earn one box a week, so don’t fret if all your secondary heroes aren’t scaled for end game content.

The first way to get a Treasures of the Dawning loot box is by completing a full strike in the SIVA Heroic Strike Playlist. It doesn’t matter how many points you score at the end, just as long as you’ve killed the boss at the very end.

You’ll also get a Treasure of the Dawning from Amanda Holliday at Rank 5 of the Sparrow Racing League, though this is limited to one per character, and three characters per account.

The other way is less than ideal, but is through purchasing bundles of these loot boxes via the Eververse stand at The Tower. A single Treasures of the Dawning box will cost you 200 Silver, with a set of 3 running 500 Silver, and finally the large pack of 5 costing 800 Silver. In real-world cash, this roughly translates to $2, $5, and $7, respectively.

Each box contains a random number of items and has the chance to drop anything ranging from a new Sparrow to horns and even brand new armor sets. You can also find the consumable Felwinter Souvenir and Snow Dreg items in these. However, you are guaranteed to obtain at least a new Sparrow, weapon ornament, or something from the Rimed armor set.

If you are looking to grab any of the new horns, consumables, or the cool new Winter-themed armor set, then you’ll have to hope that RNG is on your side. As of now you cannot earn these boxes by any other means, including the recently returned Sparrow Racing League. Treasures of the Dawning can also not be obtained via the new record book, so don’t fret about filling it up as soon as possible. Given last holiday event’s loot boxes were only around for a short period of time, these could possibly vanish at the end of Destiny: The Dawning. May the odds be ever in your favor, Guardian.

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