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Destiny: How to Get a Felwinter Souvenir and What It Does


Destiny: How to Get a Felwinter Souvenir and What It Does

Felwinter Souvenir – Destiny: The Dawning

The Dawning has arrived in the Destiny universe, bringing with it new emotes, new quests, and even some new, hidden Sparrows. Between taking on updated strikes and the returned Sparrow Racing League, you may want to grab yourself a Felwinter Souvenir. This consumable item is a reward from both the “In the Presents of Friends” questline and the various Treasures of The Dawning presents.

Felwinter Souvenir from In the Presents of Friends

Speak to Eva in the Tower to receive this quest early in your The Dawning adventure. She’ll task you with opening and delivering gifts to fellow Guardians. You’ll find these gifts over by the doors that used to lead to the Iron Banner. Inside the small boxes, you’ll see Books for Ikora, a Scarf for Zavala, and Dice for Cayde-6. (If you’re looking to open the special, big boxes, you can check out our guide over here.)

Deliver these presents and return to Eva to receive both a Snow Dreg and a Felwinter Souvenir. The latter is an engram that will turn your head into a giant snow globe. It’s quite charming.

Felwinter Souvenirs from Presents

Treasures of The Dawning are special loot boxes that look like holiday presents, obtained by completing full strikes in the SIVA Heroic Strike Playlist. Alternatively, you can spend some real-world cash on Silver, then exchanging silver for loot boxes at The Tower’s Eververse stand. You’ll also get a box from Amanda Holliday if you reach Rank 5 in the Sparrow Racing League, though this is limited to one per character, and three characters per account.


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