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Destiny The Dawning: How to Open Gifts (Loot Boxes) Big and Small


Destiny The Dawning: How to Open Gifts (Loot Boxes) Big and Small

Presents (AKA Loot Boxes) – Destiny: The Dawning

One of the best parts of this new holiday expansion for Destiny is the wealth of presents and loot you can acquire while playing. In traditional Destiny fashion, players are given the chance to open loot boxes disguised as gifts at The Tower for some rewards that are of a random rarity. In order to unlock these gifts, you will want to load up into The Tower and head left towards The Speaker’s domain and speak with the Guardian Outfitter chilling by the shader kiosk. Talk to her to begin a questline that will ask you to open some gifts and collect your loot.

Make your way back to the main area of The Tower and go towards the staircase at the far end, where Iron Banner used to open up. There you will see three big presents and an assortment of smaller ones. To open the small ones you just need to hold the Interact button and they will automatically reward you with loot and vanish. The other three big ones will take some more work as they’re marked with tags from specific people. Head over to Amanda Holliday in the hanger and speak with her to obtain the Competitive Spirit Record Book.

Break the seal and open it so you can look at the loot that’ll unlock as you complete a variety of tasks. This is where you will get all three tags as they are tied to the level 5, 7, and 9 rewards. To unlock these you’ll need to complete tasks within the record book, such as finishing 25 SRL races, beating the par high score in the Heroic SIVA Crisis Playlist, and completing 20 Elite Vanguard Bounties. After each node is filled out you’ll raise the progress bar and eventually unlock the Xur, Amanda, and Saladin tags needed to obtain your new, far rarer loot.

Rewards inside these boxes include the questline to obtain the Nova Mortis (Voidlord) machine gun which can be found in the Xur box, while Amanda’s gives some legendary engrams, a festive horn, and a Treasures of the Dawning box. Just make sure to keep checking back with your Destiny Record Book as you need to manually select the node once the task is finished for it to count.

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