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Destiny: The Dawning – How to Get the Nova Mortis (The Voidlord)


Destiny: The Dawning – How to Get the Nova Mortis (The Voidlord)

Nova Mortis (Voidlord) – Destiny: The Dawning

One of the new exotic weapons introduced through Destiny’s holiday event The Dawning is the Nova Mortis, which has been referred to as the Voidlord by fans leading up to its release. Why the Voidlord? Because it is a carbon copy of the Thunderlord exotic machine gun with the only change being that it does Void damage.

In order to unlock this weapon, you’ll first need to obtain Xur’s Tag, which requires you reach Level 7 in The Dawning’s Record Book. Once you have it, head to the Tower to open his box (located near the large doors that used to lead to Iron Banner, just above where the Vanguard is) and you’ll receive a couple of exotic Engrams, a Tattered Schematic (basically a blueprint for the Nova Mortis), some Strange Coins, and a new quest titled “Songs From the Void.”

The steps for the quest are relatively simple:

  1. Head to Ikora Rey in the Tower and talk to her.
  2. Head to Banshee (the Gunsmith) in the Tower and talk to him.
  3. Get Void Ability kills (Supers, Grenades, Melee abilities) in any activity. (100 Kills)
  4. Head back to Banshee.
  5. Complete the Strike “The Abomination Heist” on the Moon. (Choose the Summoning Pits then switch to highest difficulty to change it to The Abomination Heist)
  6. Head Back to Ikora Rey and receive your reward.

You now have a powerful exotic Void machine gun. Go forth and push back the darkness.

Safe travels, Guardians.

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