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China to Start Forcing Publishers to Reveal Loot Box Item Rates

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China to Start Forcing Publishers to Reveal Loot Box Item Rates

The drop rates will surely be translated into English as well.

China has enacted new regulations that will force game publishers to reveal the item drop rates contained in any purchasable loot box.

Here’s an excerpt from the regulation translated to English via PVP Live:

“2.6 …Online game publishers shall promptly publicly announce information about the name, property, content, quantity, and draw/forge probability of all virtual items and services that can be drawn/forge on the official website or a dedicated draw probability webpage of the game. The information on draw probability shall be true and effective.

2.7 Online game publishers shall publicly announce the random draw results by customers on notable places of official website or in game, and keep record for government inquiry. The record must be kept for more than 90 days. When publishing the random draw results, some measures should be taken place to protect user privacy.”

These regulations will affect publishers like Blizzard, Valve, and Riot, as well as any publisher offering a purchasable loot box or any blind boxes in their game. After these systems are built into the games, fans are sure to surface these drop rates and translate them to English. The question remains if publishers will simply publish the information for all.

Thanks, PVP Live


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