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World of Warcraft’s 7.1.5 Patch Updates the Blade’s Edge Arena


World of Warcraft’s 7.1.5 Patch Updates the Blade’s Edge Arena

New coat of paint.

During this year’s BlizzCon the development team behind World of Warcraft have revealed that the Blade’s Edge PvP map is getting an update. Coming out with the 7.1.5 Patch, this grand arena has seen a complete reskin that features a plethora of new design choices such as foggy areas on the lower grounds, a fire pit near one end, and various skeletons dotting the sides.  There are also rivers of fire and a massive throne placed at one end that overlooks the majority of the battlefield. While there have been no changes to the actual maps layout, it’s great to see that this classic map has gotten a much needed visual update.

This will be the first arena to have a built in announcer that is going to voice over the match from the throne. This unnamed troll will act like Athena in Overwatch and make callouts for big plays. Blizzard stated that if this feature receives positive feedback then they may implement it into the other World of Warcraft PvP maps.

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