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Oculus Co-founder: Virtual Reality’s Future is “Not Necessarily Gaming”

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Oculus Co-founder: Virtual Reality’s Future is “Not Necessarily Gaming”

Virtual reality’s success in the games industry is still yet to be determined.

Jack McCauley, the Co-founder and Chief Engineer for Oculus, has suggested that virtual reality’s future success may not lie with the games industry.

In an interview with IGN, McCauley stated that “As a gaming platform, I’m not sure that with Unity and Unreal we really understand how to write an application for [VR] that doesn’t have secondary effects like nausea.”

First-person shooters, in particular, are “not that great of an experience” when played in virtual reality, according to McCauley, who admitted that it “kind of makes you a little queasy.”

Instead, McCauley suggested that the future of VR lies with “brand new content” rather than the technology and experiences we’re used to with traditional platforms, suggesting that virtual reality experiences of live shows and concerts are “probably the best type of content” for the medium right now.

It’s worth mentioning that McCauley is also famous for having designed the guitar accessories for the original Guitar Hero, and is a noted lover and player of video games himself.

The full interview with McCauley will be published on IGN sometime tomorrow.

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