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Hitman Receives Another Series of Improvements in Latest Update


Hitman Receives Another Series of Improvements in Latest Update

Agent 47 isn’t done with you yet.

The episodic content for this year’s season of Hitman may be over, but IO Interactive isn’t done with improving and enhancing the experience of playing as the world’s greatest assassin yet.

The studio has just released a mandatory “November Update” for the game, which “includes improvements across the board” for every available platform.

It will come in at a size of 2.4GB for PS4, 13.6GB on Xbox One and 2.1GB on PC. It’s unclear at this point why the Xbox One version of the patch is dramatically larger in memory than the PC or PS4 versions.

Among a ton of other small tweaks and changes, the update includes fixes such as the edition of an “Offline Profile”, meaning that all unlockable items will be saved to said profile when connected to the game’s servers, so that you can reuse them even when you’re playing offline.

Agent 47 can now also pull enemies from balconies and out of windows, though there are still a few technical issues encountered when performing this action, which the team hope to have fixed by January.

This November update is set to be the first in a series of monthly updates, as Hitman prepares to begin its second season sometime next year.

You can check out the full list of changes made by the update on the Hitman website, right here.



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