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Final Fantasy XV: What Oracle Ascension Coins Buy


Final Fantasy XV: What Oracle Ascension Coins Buy

Coins, coins!

Oracle Ascension Coins are a collectible item that you can find throughout your journey in Final Fantasy XV. Unlike most items, these fall under your Key Items tab, a tab normally reserved for either quest items or those deemed very important. It turns out that they’re not just limited-edition coins used for a celebration, they’re actually a currency you can use in the game with a specific vendor. You can find Alessio, a coin collector, in Altissia sitting in a cafe located at the spot indicated on the map below.

final fantasy xv, Oracle Ascension Coins

He doesn’t have the largest selection of wares, but what he offers are among the best defensive accessories you can find in Final Fantasy XV. You’ll need quite a few Oracle Ascension Coins if you’re looking to buy them all. Here’s a full list:

  • Megaelixir (1 Coin) – Restores maximum HP and MP for the entire party.
  • Fire Crest (4 Coins) – Significantly reduces fire damage.
  • Ice Crest (4 Coins) – Significantly reduces ice damage.
  • Lightning Crest (4 Coins) – Significantly reduces lightning damage.
  • Dark Crest (8 Coins) – Significantly reduces darkness damage.
  • Mighty Guard (20 Coins) – Significantly reduces fire, ice, lightning, and darkness damage to the wearer.
  • Stone Wall (30 Coins) – Significantly reduces fire, ice, and ballistic damage to the wearer.
  • Ribbon (40 Coins) – Protects wearer from almost all status ailments.

You should definitely try to save up for the Mighty Guard, Stone Wall, and Ribbon, as they offer the best overall protection to players. Being able to ignore status ailments will prove to be invaluable against certain late-game hunts in Final Fantasy XV, as well as when it comes time to infiltrate bases. And having high resistances to most elemental damage is well worth it, especially for Prompto, who just loves to fall in battle.

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