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Final Fantasy XV: How to Summon Ramuh


Final Fantasy XV: How to Summon Ramuh

The god with an impressive beard.

Summoning Ramuh – Final Fantasy XV

Ramuh is the electricity/lightning Astral summon of Final Fantasy XV, and he can be found in the Duscaen region of Eos. When he appears, Ramuh will carry Noctis in one hand as he rains down lightning on the rest of your foes, dealing a massive amount of damage. However, summoning works a little differently in this entry, and you won’t be able to call him for help as and when you please.

Just like all the other Astrals available in the game, you have to meet a very specific condition for Ramuh to show up. In this case, Ramuh will show up only when the battle has gone on for a very long time. It seems like after about six or seven minutes of non-stop fighting in the same encounter, you’ll get the prompt to summon Ramuh. Remember to hit the interaction button once it appears on your screen to summon the impressive god of lightning and thunder. Do note that all Astrals are more likely to show up to help if you happen to be in their specific region.

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